Inspiration in the color green…

Nature has the most spectacular color palette around and there is so much to choose from. But my very favorite is green.

Whether it’s a small patch of moss on the ground in the shady corner of your yard or the deep glossy green of a 50’ magnolia, green is all around us. 

Being from the north I’ve always been a lover of tropicals and houseplants. Having a perfectly placed plant in any room brings life to the area. But the patch of green isn’t just for indoors. While reds, pinks and purples are gorgeous, a pot full of multiple shades of green is where it’s at!

Not only does green add a splash of color it also requires no dead heading! Hallelujah! So here is what I look for…the perfect pot. Pots, pots and more pots, where do we begin? First think of the needs of the plant you are interested in. Terra Cotta is basic and beautiful. It is my number one recommendation. With terra cotta you don’t have the risk of overwatering, roots suffocating, etc. It balances air and water perfectly, allowing the plant to you when it needs a drink. 
downfall: it can leave water rings anywhere. So be mindful of that when using it, be sure to have a waterproof saucer underneath.

Glazed pottery can add the extra ooomph by bringing a splash of color and texture to your garden. There is fiber clay, plastic, cast stone and much more to choose from. Make sure it is right for your space, your budget and of course your plants. They can help draw the eye right to your masterpiece without shouting LOOK AT ME!! (And don’t forget to look for or make drainage space)

Planter chosen…time for soils. Succulents are a huge trend, low maintenance, big impact!  But what about those big shiny leafed peace lilies? Right soil for the right plant. Cacti and succulents need soil specifically made for them, put them in regular potting mix - they will turn to mush.  Just as using cacti soil on a big leafed tropical won’t retain enough moisture to sustain them. So ask questions, do your research and come see us when you’re ready to put it all together. (Tip: you want to pair plants that have similar moisture/light requirements)

Now on to the fun stuff - Plants!! For outside planters the options are endless here in North Florida. You want to have some wow? Look for different textures and shades to bring together. I say go big or go home! Start with your centerpiece (or backdrop depending on where you place your planter) and look for something with a little height. Things like bird of paradise, Norfolk pine, Ficus trees, plumerias, snake plants, palms or tall cacti are some easy choices.  For your mid height look into foxtail ferns, anthurium, dieffenbachia, peace lilies, Philodendron, Calathea, aloe/agave. The real fun is the spiller plant, this is where texture really comes into play. Plants like Creeping Jenny (my fav!) offer bright lemon lime color and a gorgeous waterfall effect. Sweet potato vine comes in multiple shades and is super easy to grow. Vinca major is absolutely gorgeous is green or variegated, it creates a curtain of glossy leaves. And who can forget good old ivy?

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what plants will work. The most important thing to remember as you tackle planting is to HAVE FUN and build something that YOU will love and enjoy. 

(edited report from my original blog on 4/20/17)